The Harpenden Clinic - a holistic approach to well-being

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The Harpenden Clinic

The Harpenden Clinic -a holistic approach to well-being

Pyschodynamic Counselling

Sometimes we struggle to understand issues that darken our days.

I offer psychodynamic counselling, a talking therapy, which aims to    explore both past and present aspects of our lives. 

Counselling can offer the time we lack in everyday life to acknowledge and     examine the anxieties or frustrations that we are currently feeling.


I work within the BACPs ethical framework which respects elements such as

trust, confidentiality and autonomy.

For more information visit Erica’s website, BACP or our Contact page

As a BACP registered counsellor I have worked with:

           Depression                  Self-harm          Anxiety          Retirement            Exam/work stress     Bereavement     Relationship breakdown      

Erica Spencer Green