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Sue Cheek Alexander Teacher

 Senior teacher of the Alexander Technique

This video explains the Technique and

the scientific results

of a medical trial

into the benefits of Alexander lessons.

Sue Cheek M.STAT

“I suffered from Chronic Back Pain, caused by arthritis of the spine.

Conventional medicine was unable to help me. Fortunately I was introduced to the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Lessons were so successful, over time I learned how to manage my condition, virtually pain free. So I decided to take the three year Alexander Training, qualify as an Alexander Teacher and help others.

Over the last 28 years I have been fortunate to successfully help pupils with a wide variety of conditions ranging from stress, muscle related pain and repetitive strain injury to breathing, vocal problems and poor posture, often created by computer work. I have also taught musicians, singers and sports people.”

Contact me to talk through your condition to see if the Alexander Technique could also help you. Leave your phone number and I will call you back.